The Accreditation Support Network (ASN)

We offer independent, specialist and ethical support services to colleagues undertaking BACP accreditation. We deliver these services through our growing national network of committed, trained and experienced ‘ASN Providers’.


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What’s ASN offering me?

If you’re an Accreditee…

Accreditees are BACP members looking for support with BACP Accreditation. Whether you’re getting started, stuck, or dealing with being deferred, we’re here to help.

If you’re accredited…

If you’re an accredited BACP member who is well motivated and has the relevant experience and skills you too could become an ASN Provider.

Interested in what’s going on…

Want to know what’s going on in the world of accreditation support? Visit the ASN Forum where you can:

Why is the Accreditation Support Network needed?

Following my own accreditation experience, I decided to find a way to provide the kind of accreditation support I had wanted for myself but had not found; something beyond that available from my supervision and BACP.

Two years on I tentatively started my first local support group for accreditees and discovered that my experience was the norm rather than the exception, that there is a widespread and largely unmet need for accreditation support and I decided to find a way to meet that need. Twelve months on, ASN was launched.

Phil Turner MBACP (Accred)

ASN Founder